Our Promise
We're dedicated to making your dining experience complete. All of our seafood, poultry and beef are purchased from the finest purveyors in the region. Our seasonal produce is organic and locally grown for maximum freshness. Everything is delivered daily.
We hope you enjoy and love our food as much as we enjoy and love preparing it.

Your Chef.... Mark H.T. Suliga

We have taken every effort to create a place that is both aesthetically beautiful and casually comfortable with exceptionally delicious cuisine and delightful presentations. It is our pleasure to make your experience one that will ignite your senses and please your every dining need.
Epicure (EHP-ih-kyoor)
      A person who enjoys and has a discriminating taste
          and appreciation for all fine food and drink.


Saute Restaurant & Bar
2844 Hudson Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21224
Phone: 410.327.2883

Hours of Operation

2009 Saute Restaurant & Bar.